Privacy Policy

General Rules

  1. The service provider pays special attention to protecting your privacy and to protect the confidentiality of their information through the Service.
  2. The service provider shall protect personal data provided by the users and not disclose them to third parties, unless being stipulated by law in the circumstances when such disclosure is mandatory.

Collecting personal data

  1. Using the Service by Users does not require providing personal data.
  2. Using the Service of the “Newsletter” requires providing e-mail address.

Consent to the processing of personal data

  1. User contracting Newsletter consent to the processing of personal data by the Service.
  2. User agrees to the processing of provided personal data for purposes related to the statutory activities of the Service Provider, also in favor of entities working with them.

Processing of personal data

  1. The personal data administrator is the Service Provider.
  2. Through the use of appropriate hardware and software security, adding the utmost diligence required for this type of service and the type of information processed, the Service Provider protects the personal data of users from accessing, obtaining and modifying them by unauthorized individuals.
  3. The service provider does not transmit personal data provided by users to third parties, unless such an obligation stems from the applicable legislation.

User rights

  1. The user has at any time access to their personal data and have the right to their changes and removal.

Other information about users and Services

  1. The service provider uses “cookies” that collect anonymous information about users, designed to ensure the highest quality of services and improve the functionality of the Service.
  2. The service provider uses “cookies” also for the purpose of advertising, market research and the behavior and preferences of users with use of the results of the study to adapt the services and content of the Website to the needs of individual users.
  3. As part of the use of “cookies” Service Provider collects the following anonymous information about you:
    1. location of the end system on the network is using,
    2. IP of access device,
    3. host names,
    4. connection speed,
    5. time spent on the site,
    6. the type of browser and its language,
    7. the entry way to the Service,
    8. visited pages of the Service.
  4. The service provider does not sell or transmit any information collected via “cookies” to others.
  5. The service provider uses Google Analytics service, which holds its own terms and conditions, see “Google Analytics Terms of Service” available at:

Witryna wykorzystuje cookies w celu sprawnej realizacji dostarczanych usług i informacji oraz w celach gromadzenia anonimowych informacji statycznych Rozumiem