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In the last two days were the most UP as possible in Poland – we climbed the Tatra Mountains.

Our trip started in Palenica Białczańska when we hiked towards Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza. When we moved to the Siklawa, to finish the day in a shelter in the Dolina Pięciu Stawów. The next day, the transition to the shelter at the Morskie Oko, here we have achieved UP expedition goal – 2100 m. Then we returned to Palenica, though Janek really wanted to go to … Rysy (2499 m).

Along the way, we had rain, fog, stones, helicopters and a whole bunch of situations getting beyond a fixed routine.

The guys surprised us incredibly. In the shelter where we were staying, they explored it independently and came to us only when they need help. We imagine their future life that way, on their own, only with the support where necessary.

The boys went without contracts, labels, points. The motivation was in exploration and adventure.
This would not be possible if not for the daily work of teachers and therapists from Non-public schools UMIEM (special thanks to Irmina Labok, Ewa Kuliga and Paweł Bakalarz ) led by Polish Association for Behavioural Therapy , where students learn every day, not only mathematics or Polish language but above all how to cope with emotions or changes that brings life.

During our stay in Dolina Pięciu Stawów we were wearing our Foundation t-shirts, which proved to be a great idea, because people approached us, asking who we are, and we could teach them about autism, disenchant couple myths and encourage them to support people with autism in their journey.

We are planning another trip, so you may see on the trail of the 🙂 Look out for Autyzm Up 🙂

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